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Humans have such a busy life, that they must find ways to relax their minds. Along with busy life, we humans come across various challenges like the current covid situation which has taken lives of so many people around the world. So, we find ways to relax ourselves, like we do yoga, meditation, listen to music, do exercise, swimming and much more. Ever wondered how our flurry friends relax. All the pet owners love their pets a lot. During the pandemic, Spotify came with an idea of creating playlist for your cat. Yes, you read it right. 

According to Spotify Newsroom, Spotify conducted a research on pet owners and came up with this amazing idea of creating playlist for pets. Their research showed results that every 1 in 5 pet owners name their pet on the name of music artist or group. Most of them believed that music helped their pets. More than half i.e. 55% pet owners believed that their pet preferred same type of music as them. Most important point here is 70% pet owners focus of the emotional well-being of their pet on daily basis. This goes on to show what kind of relationship we humans share with animals. Spotify considered these factors and came up with an idea of creating playlist for pets. Visit Spotify and choose your pet type and it will create the playlist accordingly. What do you think of Spotify’s pet playlist?

David Teie, a well-known cellist has design music that is especially for cats. Cat specific music includes” bird chirping sounds are overlaid with hurried streams of staccato for an energizing effect” as per the article by New York Times which was mentioned in Hillspet. Cats hearing frequency is way higher than humans, they can hear up to 64000 hertz, so the music that is designed for cats is to soothe them instead of bringing them to dance floor.

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