Where to Pet your Meow?

Posted by Rahul

Do you know that pets love to be petted? But the area where they like to be petted differs according to the pet. Dogs love to get petted on their belly. If you pet your Cat on the belly she might bite you or hit you. That is because cats do not like to be petted on their belly. Cats are required to be handled with care. they do not like to be squeezed. According to Catological cats don’t like to be petted or padded forcefully.

Cats are not dogs. Cats enjoy cat brushes used to brush their body. They love caresses. You should strike a balance between being a gentle and completely ignoring your cat. Most cats love to be adored and petted by their owners 24/7. Catological states that cats love to be petted on their chin and neck, the area between their eyes and behind their back and in their side, they the cat is relaxing on your lap.

Don’t pet your cat on the belly or its tail or its paw, they might get angry and might bite you or attack. Love your meow and show your affection towards them and they will show their love and affection towards you. Enjoy your quality time with your Meow

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