How much do cats live?

Posted by Rahul

Cat owners and people who have made up their mind to adopt a cat or people who are thinking to bring a pet in their family but are yet to decide whether to choose cat or a dog might wonder about What is the lifespan of a cat? the answer to this question depends on various factors.

According to Catster, lifespan of cat depends on environment, food, maintenance and spaying or neutering the cat. Cat breeds also play a part in estimating the lifespan along with whether the cat has been living indoors or outdoors.

Indoor cats have access to fresh environment and water and are feed regularly. They are regularly inspected, sterilized and vaccinated and are living a completely different life compared to outdoor cats. Additionally, the indoor cats require regular exercise, activity and distractions to avoid cats becoming obese. Catster mentions that average life span of indoor cats is about 16.87 years.

Outdoor cats live a life filled with challenges. Where do they live? Whether they are stray cats? Can they become pray of some wild animal? They also don’t have access to facilities which indoor cat does. They might not be sterilized or vaccinated. They can suffer from diseases and require additional care which they might not receive. The average lifespan of outdoor cat is 5.62 years.

So, try to provide outdoor animals with food and water instead of just throwing food away and wasting water. This can at least fulfill the hunger of that animal for that moment as in developing countries animals wander on streets for food. So, if we can do show little kindness towards street animals, this can have greater impact on their lives.If we shoe love towards them,so they would go a step further and can protect us from dangers and can sacrifice themselves for us.

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