What to feed your Pet Cat?

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What to feed your cat?

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If you have recently become parents of a beautiful cat, then you might be wondering what to feed your cat? The first thing that come in mind might have been milk. But you might be surprised to learn that milk is in fact not good for your cat. Yes milk contains lactose and cats are lactose intolerant. According to┬áHillspet, lactose can cause diarrhea in cats. Moreover, when kittens are born, they only drink their mother’s milk for about four weeks, post that period that period the digestive system becomes incapable to digest lactose.

These food items should not be fed to your cat as they are toxic and cause serious harm to your meow. These are Raw Meat and eggs, Milk, Chocolate and Caffeine drinks and products, dog food, grapes and raisins,raw dough and alcohol, onion and garlic. Hillspet states that these food items can cause vomiting diarrhea, reduction in red blood cells, coma and at times these food items could prove fatal for your cat.

According to Petcentral cat should be fed with these food items. Cooked meat and eggs, Apple, banana, peas, spinach, fish oil cat supplements, oatmeal, bread, blueberries. Cooked meat is good for your cat as they are rich source of protein.

Cat Feeding Methods

How to feed your cat? Your cat can be fed in following ways. Meal Feeding, Free Feeding and Mixed Feeding Cat. As mentioned in Hillspet Meal feeding involves feeding your cat at specific time of the day. What to feed you cat in this type of feeding? Wet meals are the best option for such feeding as the meal can be closing monitored. Hillspet states that this is the best method if you have more than one cat in your household. However, sometimes cat might beg for food as the feeding time is already set. 

Second way of feeding is Free Meal feeding. This method is best suitable for dry meals. Wet meals cannot be fed in this meal as it may not last for the whole day. But, this method of feeding can lead to over eating, obesity problems. And dry meals will also be required be changed after one day if the bowl of dry food is kept for whole day to maintain its freshness.

Third method is mixed feeding method. Hillspet mentions that in this method wet food is fed during specific fixed time and dry food is fed like free meal. If you have more than one cat then this method might be unsuitable to monitor the wet food for both the cats and free feeding method can lead to overeating and obesity.

Love you Meow and Take care of them and they will fill your life with happiness.

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