Corona Virus in Cats

Can cats get Corona?

Posted by Rahul
Corona transmission from cats to humans

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Today, all of us, are fighting against Coronavirus pandemic situation. We all know that the only way to fight it is social distancing, which all of us are strictly following. Here arises a question in everyone’s mind who owns a pet, what if I live with a pet. Do I need to distance myself from my pet? Can I get corona from my Cat? Can my cat get infected with COVID-19 if I am infected? All these are common questions that are there in everyone’s mind due to the impact that this virus has created. So, unfortunately, pet parents need to be extra careful. 

According to an article in Indiatoday research carried out by which was Peter Halfmann and his team of scientists, they found out that cats can spread Coronavirus to other cats without any of them showing any symptoms of the virus. 

To answer the question” Can cat transmit the Coronavirus to humans”? required more research. Peter Halfman and his team from the University of Wisconsin School Veterinary Medicine conducted a lab experiment. Scientists took Coronavirus from humans and transmitted into three cats and then those cats were shifted to the facility, which also had three more cats and withing five days these three cats tested positive. None of the six cats showed any symptoms. So, we need to be very careful. Because we might knowingly or unknowingly transmit the disease and this can affect our cats and if our cats meet our friend’s or neighbour’s cat then, this might be a bigger problem. 

Cats cannot speak, so we need to protect not only humans but cats also, we need to treat our pets as our family and if we think or we know that we are infected then we need to practice social distancing from cats. The bottom line is cats can get infected from humans and do not show any symptoms. So being an Ailurophile or animal lover, we need to take care of ourselves, our family and furry friends.

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