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How to Play with your cat?

Posted by Rahul

This image is to show that you need to play with your cat

Housecats or Indoor cats are safer from diseases and other attacks compared to outdoor cats. But they tend to get too overweight and lazy if they don’t do play. Cats are similar to dogs and human beings who tend to benefit from staying active physically and mentally Exercise is good for pets. It tends to release stress and relieve the cats from boredom along with increasing circulation and reducing behaviour problems.

But you might think” How to play with your cat”? Cats can play with different toys, you can play different games with cats. They are intelligent, curious and active creatures so be sure to provide them with enough activity.

Catfriendly states that Cats like to hunt, so as a cat parent make sure to have a variety of cat toys that create a simulation or mimic the situation of prey or hunt. They love these types of games and toys, it creates excitement in toys. Do not forget to shuffle your cat toys on a regular basis as some cats get bored from the same toy after a few days. Some cats do prefer only one toy. Catfriendly mentions that cats should be allowed to catch their prey at the end of each play session as it would help in fulfilling their natural hunting instincts and also prevent them from getting frustrated.

According to Catfriendly when cats are hungry they tend to play more, so it is really crucial to manage their weight and feed them with small meals or meals could be hidden around the house to encourage cats to play more often. Cats love to play puzzle games which also has dry food. Firstly, it can lead to weight loss and Secondly, it can simulate hunting instincts for cat.

Until now we trying to find about how to play with your cat? Now let us learn about toys with which cats like to play. Some toys beneficial and exciting for cats according to Fetch are

  1. Wand Toys: A wand toy can be described as a stick with a thin piece of fabric or soft ribbon tied to it. This toy should only be used when you are playing with your cat. This would help in building a relationship with your cat.
  2. Ball toys: Ball toys are a real favourite of some cats. The ball’s moment on the floor mimics the moment of mice or other animal and cat chasing it gives them satisfaction for their hunting instinct. Ping pong balls, Sponge balls are good options.
  3. Food-Dispensing Toys: Keeping free food for your cat will lead to obesity and laziness in cats. So, the alternative could be food-dispensing toys. This helps in slowing down cats, who eat faster. Secondly, this will make cats work a bit to get their treatment which will engage their mind and body. Feed your favourite cat treats in toys and so when the cat is hungry open the toy in front of them o remove the fear of toy from your cat.

The bottom line is cats are another species similar to human beings and dogs and other animals. Spend some time with cats, play with cats, engage with cats, build relationship with cats.

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