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Do cats hold Grudges against Humans?

Posted by Rahul
Cat wandering down the road

If you own a cat, you might have come across different cat behaviour due to some action taken by you or due to some change happening in the surrounding. This might have raised a question in your mind “Does my cat hold a grudge against me”? Every cat has its personality. They try to convey humans about something which makes them unhappy in a special way.

According to Catser, a study conducted by a psychology professor at the University of Michigan and a behaviourist from American Museum of Natural History Cat’s long term memory holds up for 16 hours. Though it takes less than 16 hours to build an unhappy instance or an act which cats deemed as improper to build into big annoyance, however, to hold it for longer to convert it into grudge demands more. 

Cats suffer from anxiety-related issues. So, you might think that your cat has something against you, but the change in behaviour is due to anxiety or any changes that have happened around the cat. As some cats adapt to change and for some, it takes time to adapt. On the other hand, Kitten has shorter memories, they need constant direction to develop a habit in them.

 The bottom line is your cat can be angry or scared at some time, but they do not hold grudge against humans.  They have a different set of emotions. They associate some actions and behaviours with a good or bad event. After a few hours, they forget everything and they return to their normal behaviour to play with their parents. A cat can be considered as a forgiving animal.

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