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Hello Everyone, This Picture features myself and an amazing dog which had came to enjoy a Footy match at Sydney Cricket Ground.

Hi there! I am Rahul Sachdev- an Ailurophile(Cat lover). Basically, I am from Ahmedabad,  Gujarat. I love animals I like to read about them. During my free time, I love to play with dogs or cats around me. When I was back in Australia, I came across some beautiful cats on the streets and I couldn’t resist myself and started to capture all of them to build a collection along with reading about them. Some facts about cats amazed me. This blog is about all the interesting facts which all ailurophile would love to read. You might ask why the website title is “Meow World”. “What is Meow World?” Read till the end to understand.

Since my childhood, I used to play with street dogs, used to feed them, used to spend time when I was sad. When I was with dogs, time used to fly and since childhood, I had created this impression that cats are not loyal and playful and they always fear from the human.

But things changed and when I travelled to Sydney, Australia, I came across some beautiful cats on the streets and suddenly I remember the days I used to spend with dogs back home and this was the moment which made me curious to read about cats. This is the answer to the question ” What is Meow World”?

“Time Spent with cats is never wasted”Sigmund Freud

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